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  1. Check out our newly redesigned, mobile-friendly page for CLM at . RQM, DM, and RTC pages are also improved.

  2. . announces new IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) on Cloud

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    Come see us at the booth to talk about and Scaled Agile SAFe with RTC

    담아간 이미지 고유 주소
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    Can't wait! I will be wearing my "RUN RTC" shirt at the event!

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    Interesting collaboration happening on . Thanks

  6. Collaborative Lifecycle Management 6.0 is here!

  7. New single-sign on (SSO) features are coming in the 6.0 version of CLM…

  8. What went in to the design of the Configuration Management feature in CLM 6.0? Mats Gothe provides some background…

  9. Look for an upcoming Reddit Ask Me Anything session from the CLM team organized by user mguertin77 next month!

  10. Register today for the OASIS OSLC Update

  11. Blog: Try out the new configuration management features in CLM 6.0 RC1 -

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    Woo! CLM 6.0 RC1 is out on - time to play!

  13. Big changes happening on ! Learn more about it on our team blog.

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    Watch the Webcast Replay: Get Your Program Up and Running in an Hour w/ a SAFe demo!

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    Walking through the SAFE 3.0 Process Program

    담아간 이미지 고유 주소
  16. Jazz.net Team 님이 팔로우했습니다 ,
    • @dlvrit

      Be great at in just 5 minutes a day. dlvr.it makes it easy to share, schedule & grow on Twitter, Facebook, G+ & more. Support:

    • @DibbeEdwards

      IBMer, Dev VP, Rational - leading devOps, love NC State Wolfpack, Proud Mom, My tweets are my own

  17. Collaborative Lifecycle Management Beta M10 is now available! Check out the low-down from Rolf Nelson.

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    Register for the Virtual Workshop on 3/13 :00 am EST

  19. Rational Publishing Engine has a beta available on . Check out the announcement on

  20. IBM targets $40 billion in cloud, other growth areas by 2018 -

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